Sometimes is more effective to get down from your high horse and go straight forward, with no fear.

When I moved to London, more than a year ago, I was keen to learn everything about the best creative leaders in the industry. David Buonaguidi was one of them, a legend I’d love to work with. Before approaching him I had to do my homework. There was an interview of him that spoke to me. Buonaguidi told TheDrum how he believed the ad industry had gotten itself into “a rut” populated with “professional creatives who are only creative between the hours of 9am and 6pm". My first thought was "No man, I'm a different kind of creative. I live for that, I breath ideas 24/7." I also found out that he loves screen-printing and his belief is: Do, don't say! So I had to do something. Then, I had an idea: My cover letter to him should be screen printed with a single message “I AM MORE THAN A 9AM-6PM CREATIVE”. It reflects my personality and hopefully it would speak to Dave as well. An experimental printing session followed by Tind - Silkscreen printing extraordinaire. 100 posters, each one of them unique.

Please, enjoy the video and the project's details below!