Background! AMC was the first mobile communications company to operate in Albania, bringing innovative services and products to the market. And for sure AMC has a remarkable past. But, what about now? Customers do care more about the present. Brands should prove how they can improve people’s life today, and maybe how they plan to do it tomorrow. 
Problem! Reality check! In 2013 the public opinion was not in favor for AMC. People had the perception that AMC was a good brand, but an old one that cannot offer or bring any innovation to the market. It was considered as a brand that was not for modern people and apparently not for the youth.
We had to change that. 
Solution! We came up with a very disruptive idea for the country's standards. Ok, maybe a bit surreal with some futuristic elements, but definitely a campaign that changed the image of the brand for good. AMC encouraged customers to live their world, to imagine their world, to maximize their possibilities and to change they world if they don’t like it as it is, without barriers. 

Results! The campaign became talk of the town (or to be correct, talk of the country). The word of mouth was absolutely brilliant. Media mentioned the campaign as a progress for the Albanian advertising industry. 
AMC started building its new modern image, market share was growing and our job was done.